Montgomery Small Home Repair Services


We can help you to make the most out of your home with a fresh coat of paint. We will apply paint and other types of finishes to every surface in your home. Besides interior, we also offer exterior painting services. Our painters will work on various materials, including wood and concrete. Weather you need a touch up, single room, or full painting makeover, we can do it for you.


Wooden structures on your property can be hard to maintain. We specialize in woodwork and carpentry that surrounds your home. From small repairs to a makeover, we have the expertise needed to repair or renew any issue with wooden structures around your home.

Drywall Repair

Drywall is the most popular material used in construction today. Although it is a durable material, cracks and dents can still form with wear and tear. We can help to repair any issues you have with your drywall in your home.

We are also able to help if you need an upgrade or remodel of existing structures that use drywall as a base. We have vast knowledge of drywall structure and can help with any repairs you may need.

Roofing Repairs

The roof on your home helps to keep you and your family safe and protects your home. Most roofs are made from either asphalt or tile. There is a lot that goes into maintaining the integrity of these materials, especially if they have been worn down over time. If you need maintenance on your residential roof, we can help.

Reconstruction: We also provide reconstruction services as needed due to storm damage or other types of damage caused by weather elements such as hail, high winds, and heavy rains.

Deck Repair & Painting Services

Decks are an essential part of many homes and can provide multiple benefits in the way of relaxation and entertainment. While they can be a useful tool that enhances property values, they can also become worn over time. We offer deck repair and painting services to help you get your deck back to a good appearance and stable working condition.